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Cold medicine not to take with adderal

Is it bad to take antihistamines w/.

I asked my doc this question and he told me NEVER TAKE ANY OTHER MEDS while you are on adderall Not even for a head ache, NOTHING AT ALL only what I give you

  • Can you take night time sinus medicine.
  • Best cold medicine to take- on Adderall??.
    I need cold medicine, but I take.
    09.03.2011  I know that Hydrocodone is definitely not supposed to be mixed with amphetamines, but I can't find reliable information on mixing Dextromethorphan

    Adderall Information from What can I take for my cold that won't.
    Adderall treatment | Adderall Addiction.
    Medications > Adderall I'm new to the forum and have found some really helpful advice so far on the threads Cold medicines do not cure colds. They only
    for sinus at night with Adderall. They will be able to give you a recommendation and tell you what NOT to take it What do you do if you take day time cold medicine at night
    Hi, I take Adderall 10 mg 3-4 times a day. The regular, not XR. I have to take it to study every day. from school and i felt so bad i had to take regular cold medicine
    07.04.2009  I've got a bad sore throat, so I want to take some cough drops or cold medicine. Is this contraindicated by taking adderall? Not sure if these medicines

    Cold medicine you can take when on.

    Cold medicine not to take with adderal

    Cold medicine not to take with adderal

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